About us

Champion Cheer Athletics began in 2009 when cheerleading coach Paige Creasy started offering a tumble class at Gold's Gym. The class kept getting larger, and by 2011, had outgrown the Gold's Gym location. After the purchase of a larger venue, Champion Cheer Athletics became the cheerleading giant it is today!

Paige has coached six high school state championship teams and numerous all-star teams throughout her career. Her teams have received top rankings and made it to the Top 3 at Cheersport Nationals. Many Champion Cheer Athletics athletes go on to cheer at the university level. Champion Cheer Athletics athletes have cheered at Shelton State, Wallace State, the University of North Alabama, Texas Tech, Northeast Mississippi Junior College, and also at prestigious universities such as the University of Alabama, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State.

Champion Cheer Athletics prepares young athletes to be self-disciplined, determined, and to gain the ability to work as part of a team. We are a family and treat each and every participant as part of that family. We love what we do and our staff has over 100 years of combined experienced. The possibilities are endless!

​Come tumble with us!
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